My eyes popped right open.  This is a morning I should be catching some extra zzzz, instead my mind was rolling very early with thoughts of thriving women, girls, and teens.  My mind was envisioning worship at THRiVE and the drawing of women into His presence. That’s when it happened …again.  He reminded me of His Faithfulness in the midst of my how to’s and my what if’s.

Great is your faithfulness, oh God, my Father, morning by morning new mercies I see.  All I have needed your thy hand hath provided.  Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me…. little, old, undeserving me.  

Very early this morning while praying about THRiVE, not yet out of bed, my mind wandered to one of the most spiritually, powerful displays of God’s faithfulness I have ever been witness to. It happened while on my Haiti trip last month. This morning in my first thoughts and conversation with the Lord, my eyes popped wide open, head still on my pillow–Lord, that moment in Haiti-that was yet another mighty display of your FAITHFULNESS.  The experience in Haiti of being an eyewitness to His overwhelming, saving power has NOT one bit faded- I’ll never be the same.  I’ve written to the Lord about it often in my prayers, proclaiming His sovereignty. Yet, on this morning the connection to my prayer in summer and this experience had not yet been realized. Then, He whispered it to me in the early morning hours.  Kalyn, this was a continuation of the prayer, the seeing of the miracles of my faithfulness you requested of me in early summer.  

He did it, and He has been giving me gifts and glimpses of His Faithfulness since that prayer.   The gifts of His faithfulness are not new, rather, it’s my awareness that is new. And refreshed. It’s not that God has increased His faithfulness to me, but He’s renewed the gift of awareness of His faithfulness.  That is a good, good gift.

lam. 3-22-23

 …for His compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23

These gifts and glimpses are always here for us, morning by morning!

So, today, all in the same moment of praying for THRiVE and listening to the Lord’s leadings and thinking of Haiti (a woman’s mind is so wonderfully complex!), that moment on my patio on June one came to me.  I remembered the beginning of the summer when I sat on my patio revisiting a conversation the Lord and I had had on more than one occasion. The topic was Faithfulness.  On that relaxing summer evening, I wrote in my journal:

“As I sit in summer in the cool of the evening on my patio.  I read your words to me through the scriptures.  FAITHFULNESS- Great is your faithfulness.  This quote from the book Daring to Hope that I have been reading jumps off the page in light of the theme for THRiVE 2019.  ‘Though we tremble and feel uncertain, courage means we press into a God who is certain, sure, steady= FAITHFUL! He lifts our heads. And His unfailing love and comfort become our courage and our hope.’

Faithfulness–God show me your faithful ways in my life, big and small.  God open my eyes to your miracles and goodness.  Open my heart to all of your faithfulness.  Yours to me and mine to you.  Oh, how I want to truly know, see and believe in ALL of your faithful ways.  Drive the dark of doubt away.  I confess to see slivers (and maybe more) of non-belief in your faithfulness.  (This was hard to confess.)  This year, all the way to THRiVE 2019, please bestow upon me a solid rock belief in ” Great is your Faithfulness”. Here tonight on my patio, birds chirping, crickets singing, sun going down, I sense you and I hear you say- Ask me, ask me now, courageously ask me.” 

Collections of God’s faithfulness filled my journal pages throughout the summer.  But it strikes me so very, very odd that one of the most amazing ways He displayed His faithfulness to me during this time “all the way to THRiVE” had not yet been recognized as an answer to this prayer on June one. “God showing me His faithful ways and… God opening my eyes to his miracles and goodness, seeing and truly believing His faithfulness”.  I resolve that my enthusiasm for seeing and recording His faithfulness to me had wained.  Yet, His enthusiasm towards me had not.

Stop.  Grasp that kind of love and grace.  I let that knowledge wash over me.  I shake my head.  God, you are indeed loyal, constant, unswerving and devoted=faithful.

The patience of God overcomes me today.  He is always faithful and still we miss it. Yet, in Hosea 6 3His patience and grace when we ask, according to His word, He answers.

Even as I type these thoughts “acknowledging the Lord, pressing on to acknowledge him” (Hosea 6:3), Realizing the truth of His word that as we press on to know Him, “He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of the dawn”, this glorious autumn sunrise came bursting through my windows and I had to capture it!  His faithfulness is as certain as the morning sunrise!

autum sunrise
THRiVE: For Great is Thy Faithfulness

Morning by morning new mercies I see…this morning the beauty of your unfailing love covers me.

He is faithful to speak to me when I speak to Him!  And I recognize that some of my wondering and some of my thoughts and actions do not always display a solid rock belief in the FAITHFULNESS of God, but isn’t He worthy of me displaying my belief in His faithfulness?  HE is worth it- He is worthy of my Believing!   There are many, many things I do not know. Many things I cannot explain.  For God is not explainable.  But, oh, He is FAITHFUL, so very FAITHFUL!




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