You Can Stand With Me

More Than A Shirt

Alisa from Wilmington, Ohio

No matter where you are in life’s journey, you are welcome here.  We welcome seekers, doubters and everyone in between, including you.  If you’re not perfect, you’ll fit right in here.  Lets work on life together.


Last summer, when our THRiVE shirts were hot off the press, Nikki posted this adorable invitation to her church. There is so much beauty in this picture beyond what the eye can see. Nikki shared with me recently that she and her siblings were taken into foster care two days before her birthday when she was just a teen. Times of deep hurt in her life led her down a path of unGodly relationships. But then, one day, she found Jesus standing by her side, inviting her into a REAL LOVE relationship. Knowing the Lord moved her from standing abandoned to standing LOVED, she is passionate about inviting others into that journey with her as they seek to discover the same love she finds in Jesus, her Savior- the healer of her soul. Only God could have healed her broken heart and turned it into a megaphone of LOVE.

So, why the t-shirts? Why does Nikki say she “loves wearing her t-shirt?” It’s because she gets thier purpose… the shirts are so much more than an invitation to THRiVE20. In fact, when I was inspired to create them they weren’t about an invitation to THRiVE20 at all. They were to be an invitation from God to others to THRiVE in life (Colossians 1:23). How? By standing in His great LOVE. What is the secret to THRiVING?

God has made know to us the secret to THRiVING… “that secret truth, which is for all people, is that Christ lives in you.” Colossians 1:27

Colossians 1:27

What your shirt is saying is– “Come stand with me in LOVE.” It’s an invitation from you to others saying stand with me in my place of worship on Sundays, in my small groups, in all of our fellowships. But the invitation doesn’t stop there. Inviting someone to stand with you is encouraging them to join you in this journey of faith. It’s a way to say– those of us who walk this journey of faith are not walking it alone- we have each other. I will stand with you, and you will stand with me.

And most of all, it is a constant reminder to us that even if we feel alone– WE ARE NEVER ALONE! This truth was imperative for the believers to know in the early church. That’s why Paul shared these words with Timothy at the very end of his last letter.

…everyone deserted me.


so that through me the message would be fully proclaimed, and all the Gentiles would hear it… 2 Timothy 4:16-17

And there’s even more to consider about these silly little shirts. They can remind us that the reason we have the strength to stand is because we get to put on His armor. Putting on your shirt is a reminder that as you serve Him, you are covered in The LOVING Armor of God (Ephesians 6:11).

Let’s THRiVE together!

Let’s stand together!

You Can Stand With Me
2 Timothy 4:17



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