Standing in the Silence

A message from Ana~

I recognized an extreme sense of loneliness in my life. My son left home with the Navy, and I didn’t enjoy the long bouts of silence from him when he was deployed. A change of job and church left me feeling silence on the social front. And I failed to take these feelings to God and began to sense a silence from Him.

I dove into Scripture, wanting to learn what I was missing so I could regain that sense of closeness I was craving with God. I found my answers in Esther, Habakkuk, and 1 Kings 19:11-13.

Esther didn’t have a fresh message from God with instructions. So she did what she knew to do with what she had. She had

  • Knowledge about God stored up
  • Godly mentor (Mordecai)
  • She knew fasting and prayer brought God into the situation
  • Sometimes you have to step in faith.

Her story makes me so grateful for this truth:

Habakkuk went to God with troubling questions, and closed his prayer with these words:

God responded to him AFTER Habakkuk reached out and waited for a reply. We need to follow his example! So how do we recognize God’s voice? Elijah’s story in 1 Kings helps:

Esther made a point to seek God with prayer and fasting. Habakkuk got away to pray. Elijah got away to pray. They knew this: it is hard to hear God over the noise.

We have to take every thought captive and decide to ignore the voice of self-doubt and focus, instead, in God’s Voice of Truth.

Here are some helpful tips to help you STAND in the silence and for practicing the spiritual discipline of Silence.

Love, Ana

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