THRiVE 20 Remembering

THRiVE20— What a blessed time and, oh, so much fun! Thank you for the beautiful ways you reached out in His love and invited women, teens, and girls to stand with you because you want others to know…

The Lord stands with us and gives us strength!

2 Timothy 4:17

Wow, did you gather… 700 women strong as the Body of Christ standing in His great LOVE!  

Thanks be to God!

It’s been one month since we gathered… Could you enjoy some reminders of the ways God stands with us? Our THRiVE leaders have offered a recap of the messages God gave them to share. First, let me remind you the reason He chooses to stand with you– because He LOVES you! Oh, how He loves you! So turn up the music, dance in your kitchen and keep letting LOVE stand up and stand out– read about His LOVE, sing about His LOVE, receive and give His LOVE.

It is always a blessing when you share the ways God spoke and moved in your hearts when we gather. Last week, I received one such story, and I thought it may encourage you, too. The story marvelously displays the reason He stands with us and gives us strength… Why?

…so that through us the message might be fully proclaimed and everyone might hear it.

2 Timothy 4:17

Dear Kalyn, Thank you for going out of your comfort zone and trusting the Lord every step of the way and so that so many girls of all ages could gather and draw closer to Him!!

You had a lovely young lady come up and share about a ministry, The Exchange, God laid on her heart. When she finished speaking, she said she knew that God was talking to someone in the audience right then. I could not believe that at that moment, God started stirring in me! 

God had already been challenging me that when someone said they needed prayer, I was to pray for them right then not say, “I will pray for you”, but pray for them right then and there. God continued challenging me with the words, “How can I pray for you?” Asking people I know and love is one thing, but strangers? “Lord, they are going to think I’m nuts!” Well, yesterday, God gave me my first opportunity to obey this challenge.  

I was in a Hair Salon when the governor announced that barbershops, hair salons, etc. would be closing at the end of that business day because of the COVID-19. Instantly, you could feel the stress in the salon. Silently, I sat in the chair, praying for all of the stylists and technicians as I saw their reactions and their very livelihood immediately stripped away. 

At that moment, I felt God’s prompting to overtip my stylist and pray with her. My heart was racing because she was a perfect stranger! When it was time to tip her, I gave her the money and her eyes filled with tears (as did mine!) I told her God laid it on my heart to provide a little extra, but I was hoping I could pray for you. She said, “Absolutely, yes!” So I did! Right there in the middle of a beauty salon! I held her elbow 😉 not her hand since we do need to be cautious and prayed for her and all those working around her. It was such a powerful moment! 

I give all glory and honor to the Lord!! Although my legs were shaking and my heart was beating fast, I felt the strength of the Lord STANDING WITH ME giving me the courage to pray out loud in a hair salon. He gave me strength just as Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 4 that we focused on at THRiVE, to stand in Love with another. 

I am not sure how God is going to continue this little prayer mission he has called me to, but I know this is just the beginning! This was not me! I don’t have the courage to pray with a stranger like that, but in that moment of doubting whether I should or shouldn’t, He brought to mind  Joshua 1:9. 

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD, your God will be with you wherever you go.” 

It made me wonder what opportunities I have missed out on because of fear. Fear of what someone might think, fear of being embarrassed… In this time of so much uncertainty, I refuse to live in fear; instead, I choose to stand in Love with others, and obey my Lord’s prompting! 

How is God prompting you to stand in Love during this unprecedented time of national crisis?


At THRiVE20, using our 2 Timothy 4:17 Scripture, we turned our hearts and minds to consider what it means for the Lord to stand with us and give us strength as we serve Him and love others through all kinds of situations we find ourselves.

Click on the links below for a message recap from each speaker.

A note from our Spoken Word worship leader, Lynneé: I am so thankful for the opportunity to bring two spoken words to THRiVE.  Learning these monologues came at just the right time for me in regards to the transition our family is about to make.Keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus has been a theme for me over the last several months.  In the spoken word about the bleeding woman from Friday night, there is a line that I have recited over and over again…”she fixed her eyes on this Jesus, and wouldn’t be denied!”  And Jesus’s response to her has been echoing in my heart with all the uncertainty that currently surrounds us…”Go in PEACE, and be FREE!!”  As I fix my eyes on Him, He gives me perfect peace!!! 

All the THRiVE20 sessions are still available to view on our THRiVE Community Facebook page.

Friday Session 1 & 2 Saturday Sessions 3 & 4

Would you like to keep worshipping through the THRiVE playlist songs? The songs are available on our website on a Youtube playlist. Here’s a special note from worship leader- Amy, which includes a beautiful new song, The Blessing, by Kari Jobe and husband, Cody Carnes. I’m sure you’ll find it meaningful during the situation we all find ourselves in now.

If you are wondering what our lovely youngest ladies did at THRiVE check it out here: THRiVE Girls

or see highlights from THRiVE Teen girls here.

Many of you are still praying for the request shared on the card you took home. Thank you!

What are we up to now?

THRiVING Together is our next ministry project. If you would like to learn more, perhaps you feel a little nudge to find out more about this new ministry of THRiVE and didn’t get a chance to signup at THRiVE, please send me a message.

See you at THRiVE21 February 26 & 27!

I love standing with you!

Kalyn Vogelmann

Col. 1:27 The secret to THRiVING is Christ in you the Hope of Glory.

Lead Strategist- THRiVE Ministries to Women Church of the Nazarene- Southwest Ohio


  1. Kalyn,
    Thank you so much for sharing this! It is so good to hear stories on the impact of Thrive! Loved seeing all the pictures! God bless you and this wonderful ministry!
    Sue Bellman

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