Thank you, for being incredible listeners at THRiVE2022!

Hello Friends!

It was pure joy to gather in Jesus’ Name with you! We pray you are still LISTENING and finding new ways to hear God’s voice.

Listen to this– You won’t believe it?!? Early Sunday morning my friend, Cindi Stevens, from Target Dayton Ministries went outside to take her dog for a walk. THRiVE22 and listening were on her mind. As she walked, talked, and listened to God suddenly along the path she saw this—

Yes, friends- those are Froot Loops scattered along her path. Remember, Carolyn’s illustration- when we listen, we bear real fruit – Mark 4. Cindi shares-

Sixty-one years of life and I’ve never come across a path of Froot Loops! This must be a special delivery, just for me! I can guarantee I am going to be working on the “real fruit” in my own life and producing “real fruit” in souls for His Kingdom.

Another THRiVE participant shared:

Just wanted you to know what an amazing last 24 hours It was for me! I have never thought a lot about how important it is to really “Listen”…. I’ve been challenged to really dig deep and to Listen when God is speaking to me! When you’re as old as I am ( 70 in a few months) and you’ve been a Christian over 50 years you can become way too comfortable in believing you don’t need to change the way you practice your daily walk with Jesus!  It’s never too late to have a Teachable Spirit, is it? ~Vickie

It was an anointed weekend!  Women were helped. Women were prayed for. Women were in the presence of the Holy God!  Women heard the truth and encouraging words!! And women praised the LORD! – Janice

When you commit to thrive- accepting God’s saving & sanctifying grace- God lovingly walks this journey with you. We pray you will keep listening well. Remember:

God speaks to us and through us.

We are called to listen to God and to each other.

The world is listening– what do they hear?

Let the Lord keep taking his big hands and cup your face telling you– You are loved!


Psalm 18:6 THRiVE 2022

Keep in touch, keep THRiVING & keep listening– You can join us on Zoom on March 10, 17, 24, 31 to talk more about Listening.

We would love to connect with you or your local women’s groups.



Thank you for sharing your photos.

We love seeing your beautiful faces!

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